Fire hydrant flushing

To Spring Hill residents who notice their water appears a bit cloudy this week, city officials say there is nothing to worry about.

Starting April 5, city officials have started the process of flushing approximately 1,800 fire hydrants throughout the city as part of a routine maintenance procedure. The flushing process may cause some residents' water to appear cloudy, something city officials assure poses no health risks.

Spurred on by the fire hydrant flushing process, the cloudy appearance in some residents' water is due to a higher-than-average amount of air trapped inside the water, a phenomenon called "aeration." Should water appear cloudy for more than 24 hours, city officials ask residents to call the city at (931)486-2252, extension 279.

The fire hydrant flushing process is done to ensure "proper operation and help maintain high water quality," and is expected to to conclude by the end of the week.