Spring Hill City Hall

Spring Hill City Hall.

The city of Spring Hill expects to receive a total of nearly $13 million in funds from the American Rescue Plan Act.

On Monday, city leaders voted unanimously to select the consulting firm Volkert to help facilitate real estate services for the purpose of constructing a number of capital projects.

Passed in March of 2021, ARP is an economic stimulus bill that included the third round of stimulus checks at $1,400 a piece, additional unemployment benefits for a period of six months, and $350 billion toward state and local aid.

The Tennessee state government is anticipating receiving $3.91 billion in aid, whereas local governments will split $2.28 billion between cities and counties.

While the exact costs of the capital projects have yet to be determined, below are the projects city leaders are looking to utilize Volkert's services for in acquiring the required land for said projects.

New Community Services Building

This capital project would see the construction of a new facility that would house a number of departments and services, including Public Works, Water Distribution, Sewer Collection, Planning, Codes, and Project Management departments. The city hopes to acquire approximately 35 acres of land for this project.

Treated Sewage Land

This capital project would see the city acquire up to 285 acres of land for the purpose of disposing treated effluent, which is sewage that has been treated in a treatment plant, often referred to as wastewater. The location of the site will be determined primarily by soil characteristics that are favorable to the irrigation process.

Stormwater Drainage Projects

Spring Hill is currently in the process of conducting drainage studies in a number of subdivisions — particularly Buckner Place, Cameron Farms and Augusta Trace — and based on said results, may or may not move forward with acquiring additional land in these subdivisions for the process of alleviating flooding problems.

Water Distribution Projects

After struggling with water conservation efforts for months, with city officials suggesting fines for those not complying with water conservation policies back in August, city leaders voted last October to kick off doubling the city's water capacity. Future efforts to expand the city's water capacity, along with any efforts associated with the expansion approved in October, however, can now be funded in part by the nearly $13 million received through ARP.

Sewer Collections Projects

Much like the Water Distribution Projects, this capital project relates specifically to sewer collections efforts, with any required land acquisitions planned to be funded in part through the funds received through ARP.