UAW strike

General Motors employees strike alongside U.S. 31 near the Crossings shopping district.

The Spring Hill chapter of the United Auto Workers (UAW) union shot down the proposed tentative agreement with General Motors (GM) Monday night with a narrow vote of 1,486 members for the agreement, and 1,527 against. Skilled trade workers, on the other hand, voted in favor of the agreement with 180 voting in approval and 146 voting against.

Despite the split, 51% of all Spring Hill UAW members voted to reject the tentative agreement. This means that the Spring Hill GM plant will be counted among the plants that rejected the proposal. As other plants across the country continue to vote on the agreement, results are expected to be released sometime Friday after 4 p.m.


Beginning the strike back in September, UAW members across the country remained steady in their demand for more job security, better healthcare coverage and a path to permanency for temporary workers for 36 days as of Monday, Oct. 21. On Oct. 16, UAW and GM leaders reached a tentative agreement which saw profit sharing payout caps removed, a path to permanency for temporary workers and wage increases for eligible employees. Not included in the agreement were any changes to healthcare coverage.

What’s next

Throughout the week, UAW workers at GM plants across the country will cast their votes on whether to accept the agreement or not, just as Spring Hill UAW workers did on Monday. Employees of the GM plant in Saginaw, Michigan became the first in the country to vote in approval of the agreement, with 75% of its hourly workers voting in approval earlier on Monday.

The strike is expected to continue until at least Friday when the national results are released. Were UAW members to reject the agreement, the strike would likely continue in what has already become the longest national UAW strike in more than 20 years.

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