gas pump

After a ransomware attack temporary closed operations at the Colonial Pipeline, which supplies a majority of fuel to the American Southeast, drivers are finding some fuel stations are out of gasoline.

While the pipeline's shutdown has contributed its fair share to the shortages, mass panic purchases continue to exacerbate the situation further, with multiple governors in the southeast declaring states of emergency.

The Biden administration has also responded to the gas shortage, announcing on Tuesday the launch of an "all-of-government effort to address Colonial Pipeline incident."

Pipeline operations are expected to return to normal by the end of this week.

In a public statement, Spring Hill city officials have urged residents to avoid panic buying gas, while also sharing an online tool to help those find gas stations with existing supply of fuel.

"With the current gas situation, here is an updated map that you can access to see who has gas," reads the statement. "Please only purchase what you need as panic buying doesn't make the situation any better."

Through the online tool, users can enter their city and locate gas stations that still have remaining fuel supplies. Residents can access the online tool by clicking here.