B&B Pharmacy

B&B Pharmacy has served the city of Spring Hill for nearly ten years.

B&B Pharmacy on Main Street will permanently close its doors this month on Dec. 12. Pharmacy staff are asking customers with prescriptions to pick them up "as soon as possible," and to call the pharmacy if needing a delivery.

"As the only independent pharmacy in Spring Hill, we were the only pharmacy with free delivery, the first FedEx location in Spring Hill, a U-Haul, and a USPS Post Office," writes pharmacy staff in a social media post. "We spent the time getting to know our customers, and those faithful to B&B knew we would go above and beyond for them. Thank you to all of our patients and customers for your support these past 10 years!"

Pharmacy staff explained the reason for the closure to be due to health insurance companies continued cutting of "reimbursements and dispensing fees, thus making it nearly impossible for independent pharmacies like [B&B] to continue serving [their] patients."

Staff also add that mail order pharmacies and savings coupons also contributed to the decision to close up shop for good. B&B has operated in Spring Hill for nearly ten years, and with its departure, Spring Hill will no longer have an independent pharmacy.

All over-the-counter products at B&B will be 20 - 70% off until Dec. 12, while the USPS Post Office and FedEx at the pharmacy will remain open until Dec. 31.