Summit High School recently completed a redesign of the school’s gymnasium floor, as it goes for a new look entering its ninth year of operation.

The new design, over a year in the making, replaces the school’s initials with the school’s signature Spartan logo in a slightly-darker wood finish at center court. The same finish can be found inside the arc to three-point line.

Designers put the school’s nickname in the lighter finish. It’s found on the rest of the court under each basketball hoop outlined in navy blue, which colors the court’s sidelines. The addition of the Williamson County Schools initials in the key gives it a bit of a college basketball look.

Summit’s assistant principal Greg Glass says early reviews of the court came back positive and it was crucial to get the floor done during the TSSAA dead period, a time when athletes cannot be engaged in any school related athletic activity and one that ended last week.

“It’s something we’re really excited about; the kids have seen it and we’ve gotten good responses from the kids and people in general,” Glass said. “It’s going to be fun. We’ve got volleyball starting, and basketball right around the corner. We’re expecting some big things from our boys and girls programs this year and so we wanted to come in with a new floor.”

Glass said that the court gets refinished every year done in conjunction with the school district, and this was the year the school decided to make a change.

Volleyball head coach and digital arts teacher Warne Riker helped design the new court and his Lady Spartans will get the first chance to take the court as they continue preseason work and hold tryouts later this month.

When basketball takes the court later this winter, they will be with new coaches. Former coaches Kari and Josh Goodwin left Summit High School in May. Josh led the Spartans to a 13-13 record in 2018 and the birth in the region tournament, while Kari and the Lady Spartans went 13-11 and lost in the district tournament.

Summit recently hired former East Nashville High School coach Jim Fey to coach the boys’ team, while John Wild, formerly of Franklin High School, will coach the Lady Spartans.

Glass chalks up having a new basketball court and two new basketball coaches going into the 2019 season just a coincidence.

“They’re excited about it as well,” he said. “But this is been in the planning stages for over a year . . . Just odd [and] fitting that we have two new coaches and a new floor. It’s just one of the random things you can’t predict.”

Glass predicts positive outcomes for all the Spartan teams that will touch the new floor this season.

“Were anticipating some big things this year,” he said. “Our volleyball program doing well. In the winter we’ve got two new coaches, great senior leadership on our girls’ team and all five starters returning for our boys basketball team. We’re anticipating some huge things when we go in the gym this year.”

Photo from SHS Athletics.

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