Tennessee Children's Home

The new Tennessee Children's Home campus on Dr Robertonson Road in Spring Hill.

For those looking to grab anything from a grand piano to desks, chairs and exercise equipment, the Tennessee Children's Home will be holding a live auction this Saturday.

The nonprofit organization will auction off dozens of items after having completed its move to its new campus last month.

The live auction will be held Saturday, Nov. 20 at 9 a.m. at 804 Branham Hughes Circle in Spring Hill, at the old Tennessee Children's Home Campus off of Main Street. Proceeds of the auction will go toward operations at the new children's home campus.

The list of items being auctioned is long, and includes things like kitchen equipment, pool tables, exercise equipment, desks and office chairs, wooden sheds, electronics and more. To view a photo gallery of some of the items online, click here.

The auction serves to both help rid the nonprofit of extra furnishings and equipment unneeded on its new campus, while also helping the organization reach its financial goal of paying off its new campus. As of May of this year, the nonprofit was $2.7 million short of that goal.

It's new campus, located on Dr Robertson Rd in western Spring Hill, was completed and opened last month after a series of construction hardships brought on by weather and pandemic-related issues.