Shelly well

Shelly Sassen (left) celebrates the milestone of having delivered 50,000 meals and 50,000 snacks to students in need alongside Maury County Public Schools Communications Director Jack Cobb (right).

The Well Outreach food pantry reached a milestone this week after announced that donors had distributed more than 50,000 meals and 50,000 snacks to local students in need.

Launched in October, The Well's Galilee Food Pack Program has seen regular food drives over the past three months to help distribute food to local students in need who otherwise may have received a free or reduced lunch. Amidst continued remote learning, however, many of those students are left with little options for food.

"Our goal for this program was to do a food pack to offset what they would have been getting at the school through free and reduced lunch," said Shelly Sassen, executive director at The Well. "During COVID-19 and remote learning they've been away from the schools, and so The Well stepped in and partnered with Maury County Schools - we're so thankful for all the support [they've] given us."

Tennessee ranks as having the 10th highest number of students receiving subsidized meals in the nation, with almost one million students receiving free or reduced lunches in 2019, or roughly 21% of all Tennessee students.

The food packs contain 10 meals and 10 snacks, and are given out during regular food drives held at different Maury County Schools. While the student food giveaway program is done so in partnership with Maury County Schools, students of any school district are welcome to receive food.