The Thompson's Station Farmer's Market, which started its season earlier this month, has released its latest list of featured vendors.

The market is held every Thursday from 4 - 7 p.m. at Sarah Benson Park, 1513 Thompson's Station Road West. The market will continue throughout the summer and see its final showing on Oct. 15.

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the market's organizers have implemented multiple measures to help stop the spread of COVID-19, with vendors wearing gloves and masks and taking other safety precautions.

View below for the latest list of vendors.

  • Allen's Apairy / Food Artisan

  • Attkisson Farm / Farmer

  • Bee Purely Radiant / Material Goods

  • Cedar Rock Farm / Farmer

  • Galena Garlic Company / Food Artisan

  • Get tameles / Food Artisan

  • Knot Us Pretzels / Food Artisan

  • Menkveld Farm / Farmer

  • Oily Mantra Co / Material Goods

  • Padrinos Pops / Food Artisan

  • Pearson Farm: The Peach Truck / Farmer

  • Pumphrey and Beard / Food Artisan

  • SeaQuest Farm Dairy Goats / Farmer

  • Spring Oak Farm / Farmer

  • Sugar Maison / Material Goods

  • Sweetwater Jam / Food Artisan

  • The Cake Project / Food Artisan

  • The Green Jeans / Material Goods

  • The Krafty Kupboard / Food Artisan

  • Virgin Bay Seafood / Food Artisan

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