Necessary right-of-way property has been acquired to install a temporary traffic signal at the intersection of Duplex Road and Miles Johnson Parkway.

The installation work started Feb. 9, and is expected to take about a week to complete. Expect traffic delays and occasional single lane closures.

Please avoid the intersection if possible during this time.

The traffic light at Miles Johnson is being installed as part of the overall Duplex Road widening project. The necessary right-of-way is being acquired, just as a temporary signal was installed a few months ago at Duplex and Port Royal Road.

“These are considered temporary signals for now as they will be simply wooden poles with traffic lights strung across to ensure safety until the road can be widened,” Jamie Page wrote for the City of Spring Hill. “Once the widening project is under construction, permanent traffic signals will be installed at four key intersections along Duplex Road: Port Royal Road, Miles Johnson Parkway, Buckner Lane, and Commonwealth Drive.”