PHOTO: Vehicles exiting Saturn Parkway waiting to turn on Port Royal Road has been an ongoing issue for drivers in Spring Hill.// Photo by Alexander Willis


Many Spring Hill residents dread trying to turn left onto Port Royal Road when exiting Saturn Parkway, as the lack of traffic signals can often leave vehicles waiting for minutes to turn left in front of oncoming traffic, causing further congestion behind them.

Residents turning onto Saturn Parkway from Port Royal Road are also in a tricky spot, as Port Royal is often a heavy trafficked street.

Thankfully, residents can take refuge in knowing that the Tennessee Department of Transportation will be accepting bids for the construction project in February, with construction anticipated to begin sometime this spring.

The announcement was made by City Administrator Victor Lay during the Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce’s State of the City luncheon, where he called the project the single most requested project from residents on social media.

“We get so many complaints about that, and unfortunately this thing [got] pushed off,” Lay said. “It was supposed to have been last summer, and then they pushed it into the fall, and then they pushed it to spring. We’ve been on them ever since they started pushing, we have been calling them and verifying that it’s holding, [that] they’re going to do it, [and that] it’s coming.”

Once a company’s bid for the project has been accepted, construction will begin roughly two months later following the planning phases of the project. In this case, that means construction could begin as early as late spring.

Estimated to cost $400,000, the project will see traffic signals installed at the exit and entrance ramps of Saturn Parkway at Port Royal Road, alleviating the endless waiting many residents have had to endure for years. A completion date is yet to be determined.

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