Welcome to our second installment of our WillCo Basketball Award for the 2018-19 Season.

Our Player of the Year Finalists all embody the best of what Williamson County basketball can bring to the conversation.

Our Finalists:

Reese Glover, Franklin

Randy Brady, BA

Tre Carlton, Centennial

Mason McKnatt – GCA

Nate Bloedorn, Nolensville

Truman Christie-Mizell, CIA

Trent Turner, Fairview

Ben Mills, Brentwood

Brady, a sophomore phenom from Brentwood Academy, will likely win this award one day. He’s destined for a Power 5 conference career and perhaps even more, not dissimilar to the career trajectory of his fellow BA Eagle Darius Garland. He’s probably the most potential-laden basketball player in the county, if not the middle Tennessee area. He’s only going to get better, and will no doubt be right back in this conversation as a junior.

Carlton is the unsung hero of a feisty Centennial Cougars squad, one that went on a strong run in the regular season before an untimely first round playoff exit (bolstered by missing Carlton’s on-court partner Dusty Williams). He’s perhaps the most tenacious player outside of our eventual WillCo Boys Basketball Player of the Year, and still has his senior season to get the Cougars where they should’ve been this season: playing for a district and region title.

McKnatt is the prolific do-it-all superstar of Grace Christian Academy, whose insane work ethic is always matched by the bunches of threes he’s prone to score in any given game. He’s deceptive and smooth in his game, and blitzes you with his knack to get open and score from just about anywhere past the half-court line. He’s going to be a 2,500-point scorer for the Lions by the time his senior season ends next year, perhaps even more. The sky’s the limit for his final year there; his junior year a stark reminder of his immense talent.

Turner, a senior, is the three machine of Fairview, and one of the most enjoyable talents to watch on any given game night. He plays loosely and with fire, and when he gets going, the Fairview gym sets ablaze. The fans love it; the fire marshal, not so much. He was part of a historic Fairview team that just had an off night in the district tournament, and should stand as one of the best to ever do it for the Yellow Jackets.

Bloedorn and Mills are one in the same: aces in the post game and in the classroom. Both are lauded by their coaches for their teamwork and character, and both scored eye-opening marks on the ACT (we’re talking past the 33 mark). Bloedorn can get you from both the perimeter and in the paint, an automatic layup under the bucket and a pretty sure shot from the arch. There’s just not a lot most folks can do when he gets going, and he was the engine that powered the Knights to a substate berth for the second-straight year. Mills is the gritty grinder for the Bruins, who plays with as much passion and intensity as anyone in the county. He’s the last guy you want to have to guard in a lineup, and is one of the best defenders around. They’re the best two big men in Williamson County.

Christie-Mizell might not get the attention of a lot of the guys above, but he certainly should. He’s the best player to ever take the court in Currey Ingram’s time of hosting basketball, and he could very much start of any of the best teams in Williamson County and put on a show. He’s a determined competitor and natural shooter, one whose close to becoming the Mustangs’ second-only 1,000-point shooter. His senior season will be one of the most exciting stories to follow in the county next year.

But of course our Williamson County Basketball Player of the Year is Franklin’s Reese Glover.

No one did what Glover did this season in middle Tennessee basketball. The sharp-shooting guard amassed points by the pound, and was nearly unguardable for most of the year’s duration. The Rebels had a 30-year season, and the Franklin gym was, on most nights in the county, the marquee event of the schedule. Head coach Darrin Joines had his guys playing with an electricity and excitement that few others could muster, and Glover was the band leader at the front of the ensemble.

He just was the best player on the court on most nights, which is a tall task when playing the 11-AAA slate. He powered the team to its first state tournament in three decades, and though an early exit to eventual state champion Bearden was a tough pill to swallow, it shouldn’t diminish what this team did.

“(Reese) is a legend in this school,” Joines said of Reese and the Glover family (he had two brothers that played before him) the night they punched a ticket to state. “That family is legendary to this school. Those brothers, they played in four sub-state games – 2007, 2009 and now Reese back-to-back years. He’s got something on his brothers now and I’m sure he’ll talk trash to them now.

“But that’s been a special, special family to our school. He’s just something else. He’s the most dynamic scorer I’ve ever seen – certainly the most dynamic I’ve ever coached.”

Glover is indeed a local legend, one off to play for Missouri Western this fall. His days of breaking scoreboards and lighting up the Rebellion student section might be over, but the memories will last. All you’ll need to do is close your eyes, imagine that boisterous Franklin gymnasium and see Glover knocking down a game-winning three while the Rebels bench celebrates in the background. That’ll last. That’s why Glover’s our Basketball Player of the Year.


  • Franklin Rebels

Honorable Mentions: 

  • Brentwood Bruins
  • Fairview Yellow Jackets
  • Brentwood Academy Eagles
  • Nolensville Knights


  • Darrin Joines, Franklin

Honorable Mentions:

  • Hubie Smith, Brentwood Academy
  • Trey McCoy, Fairview
  • Greg Shirley, Brentwood
  • Wes Lambert, Nolensville


Brentwood High School

  • Ben Mills
  • Harry Lackey
  • Preston Moore
  • John Windley
  • Cole Massey

Brentwood Academy 

  • Randy Brady
  • Marcus Fitzgerald
  • B.J. Davis

Battle Ground Academy 

  • Garnett Hollis Jr.
  • Nick Semptimphelter
  • Jorian Cantrell
  • Kenny Rawls

Centennial High School 

  • Tre Carlton
  • Dusty Williams
  • Ben Brown
  • Isaiah Poore

Christ Presbyterian Academy 

  • Bryce McCormick
  • Braeden Moore
  • Braden Zapp
  • Dean Cooper
  • McNeill Stout

Currey Ingram Academy 

  • Truman Christie-Mizell
  • Efraim Hanai
  • Dominic Briggs

Fairview High School 

  • Trent Turner
  • D.J. Estes
  • Bill Eads
  • Mason McGowan

Franklin High School 

  • Reese Glover
  • Ahsharri Haynesworth
  • Matt Thurman
  • Reed Kemp
  • Jordan Bruce

Franklin Road Academy 

  • Kingston Gardner

Grace Christian Academy 

  • Mason McKnatt
  • Cole Scott

Independence High School

  • Preston Garner
  • Matt St. Charles

Nolensville High School

  • Nate Bloedorn
  • Zach Campbell
  • Jayden Watkins
  • Reese Gilbert
  • Nathan Foutch

Page High School

  • Nate Hollman
  • Blanne Burrow

Ravenwood High School

  • Chase Siebert
  • Sterling Craig
  • Rex Gainer

Summit High School

  • Konata Werts
  • Destin Wade
  • Keaten Wade

Spring Hill High School 

  • Malachai Young

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