BODY BALANCE WITH V: My quest to find the perfect pillow

I am a side sleeper. I always have been.

I curl myself up into a little ball on my side and this is where I drift into my beloved sleep.

The only problem with this is getting my head in the right position so as not to have it tilt too far up or too far down, resulting in neck pain or my shoulder going numb and waking me up. Because of this, I feel like I have been on the quest for the perfect pillow my entire adult life.

It never fails. I buy a new pillow and have high hopes that it is going to work great. Then, it’s either just OK, or it’s good at first and then it flattens out and I am back to spending more money to buy another or …. just dealing with it and a stiff neck every morning.

Well, last week my neck and shoulder locked up on me, causing me a great deal of pain (that’s a whole other story). After treatment, my health care professional suggested that I lay on my back with a pillow under my knees and small towel rolled up under my neck to let the muscles in my neck rest. I did this and ended up falling asleep like that! When I turned on my side, i found that the towel even helped with my side sleeping.

This motivated me to get serious about my quest for the perfect pillow and I decided I wasn’t going to be cheap about it. So, last week I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and purchased one of their memory foam pillows for side sleepers. It was a $40 pillow that wasn’t very memorable. No go. I returned it a few days later.

I then went on Amazon, searched for side sleeper pillows, read a ton of reviews and ordered two more pillows. The first one was a $60 pillow. It was delivered and I immediately put it back in the box to return. The next day the second one came in (a $30 choice), just as I was placing an order for yet another one. (I told you I was on a quest!). This is when I hit the jackpot.

I laid down on this pillow and my whole world changed. I laid on my back and it felt great. I turned on my side, and the pillow stayed in the exact same position with the exact same support for my neck. It was high enough to keep extra compression off of my shoulder too. I slept sooooo soundly that night and woke up the next morning with noticeably less neck tightness, and my shoulder never went numb!

The following night, before I laid down, I prayed that it wasn’t just a fluke. Thankfully, it wasn’t. This pillow is MAGIC. I told my husband that I felt like I was in a new relationship. Pure BLISS!

The last pillow that I had ordered was delivered a couple of days later. It too barely made it out of the box before I sealed it back up with a return label. I then immediately ordered another one of the magic pillows that I found to have as a backup.

So what is the winner of my pillow search and my new found love? Here ya go:

WEEKENDER Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Pillow

Though I had decided to spend whatever money it took to find the perfect pillow (after all, we do use it for hours every single night), it is only a $30 pillow. PERFECTION.

So, check it out and see if this is your magic pillow too. If not, I encourage you to do the same thing I did and start your own quest for your perfect pillow. Since our sleeping positions are so important to our overall health and comfort every day, it’s worth your time and investment.