BODY BALANCE WITH V: Spring cleaning your head space

Recently I have made a lot of changes in my business life.

I have worked to eliminate the things in my schedule that take up too much head space with little or no return. For me personally, that is not necessarily about money. My work is all about helping people and if I am not feeling the success in each of my endeavors with this, it zaps my energy in a negative way.

These energy suckers of late, coupled with some other educational and daunting business administrative tasks were packing a punch over the last year. I didn’t even realize how much of a punch until I began clearing them out and finishing them up over the last month. Even then, though I felt relief initially, the true realization of how all of these things were impacting me emerged when I found myself naturally devoting energy to personal things that had been put on the back burner (way back) or even things I had not thought about in a very long time.

This past week, I suddenly decided it was time to create the outdoor space at my home that I have been missing for almost 3 years. I quickly came up with a plan to for the design and organization of my patio to make it a place I wanted to be. I knew I was missing the ability to sit outside when at home, because it’s one of my favorite things to do, but I just didn’t have the mental clarity about it or the energy to devote to it...until i did.

I also read a magazine this weekend while having a pedicure. While that may sound like a small thing, in my world it’s huge. I am so used to being efficient and getting things done at every turn, the only reading material I have taken the time to actually read in a very long time, even while having my toes done, has been work related.

All of this really got me thinking about how way too many of us function every day. We are busy and we pride ourselves on the busy. If you are like me, you think the busier you are, the more important you are...or maybe its a deeply ingrained feeling that we have to earn our downtime. I’m not sure when exactly that started or why, but I know that I am guilty.

What I have realized, however, is that when I function like that, I am stealing from myself. I am robbing myself of the precious opportunity to thrive in this life….not just go through the motions and live it.

When I began the process of cleaning up my head space, I realized that thriving doesn’t mean adding one more thing to my schedule because I have an open spot on the calendar. Instead, it means leaving that space open for rest, both mental and physical. It means leaving time to nurture the creative side of myself. It means having still moments to be able to breathe deep, full expansive breaths and appreciate all of the love and joy I feel and that I surround myself with.

Cleaning up your busy schedule doesn’t mean that you are “less than”. It means that quality is more important than quantity in this life to you, and that you seek true balance for yourself. Recognize that everything you fill your day with on any level affects everything else.

If this is you that I am speaking to, start spring cleaning your head space and your calendar. This life deserves the best of you, not the busiest you, and we only get to do this once.