“If you’re reading this, then…” you might have noticed that Style Home Page has undergone a total renovation — inside and out!

We have revamped both the cosmetics and the content of the Web site. If you’ve been following along with our recent manifestos, then you know we’ve had a change of heart about what we want Style to be for our readers.

We just launched our new website to coincide with our new goal of being a place that not only focuses on fashion and fun as a part of style, but also staying informed, educated, and empowered — “styling your character,” if you will.

We don’t want to just talk about trends and tips (though of course we still will), we also want to talk about the things that are hard to understand and sometimes hard to even vocalize. We’ve added sections to focus on giving, career, policy (need to know), and balance to try and capture the full range of what it looks like to be a woman in today’s world.

My name is Kendall Gilfillan and I’m the new Associate editor at Style Home Page! As a 24-year-old Nashville native, I’ve recently returned from six years of living in Forth Worth, Tex., Oxford, UK, and London, UK respectively.

After graduating with an honors degree in Philosophy and Religion with a minor in Classical Studies from Texas Christian University (with a stint as a visiting student at St. Catherine’s College of the University of Oxford), I packed up and moved to London for the past two years.

Ultimately moving abroad to pursue my MPhilStud degree in Ancient Philosophy at King’s College London, I also had the opportunity to work as a Social Media Specialist and Stylist for Free People UK for most of my time in England. I would often be the lone female philosopher among all the men and then quickly immerse myself back into the world of London fashion. It was two different worlds and I got to be a part of them both. Embracing that spectrum, I think, is what being a woman today is all about.

Academically, my primary interests were in Aristotelian ethics, but I have also done research on pop culture and contemporary religion, feminism and abolition, and social justice causes as well. I also had the opportunity to be a contributing researcher for a United States Agency for International Development (USAID) grant to look at perceptions of sex trafficking in foreign countries.

Outside of the classroom, I have a longstanding passion for and involvement in the modern day abolitionist movement. In my late teen years, I was named Tennessee’s Top Youth Volunteer of 2011 and was invited to speak at conferences in California and Washington D.C. about my experiences in youth leadership and volunteerism.

I have been incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel the world and truly push myself to become a global citizen. I love nothing more than stumbling upon new landscapes, encountering new cultures, meeting new people, and growing as a result.

Now, I’ve returned from living abroad and travelling as much as my wallet would allow.

I am excited about being a part of the new vision of Style Home Page and bringing something new to Nashville and surrounding areas. I want to explore all my home has to offer and to empower all of the amazing people here through having fun together and having the tough conversations together.

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You can learn more about Kendall and follow along with her adventures at @kmgilfillan or visit her website here.

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