new study found Tennessee was the No. 47 state for finding love after 50.

Baby boomers are retiring in record numbers, and at the same time, the divorce rate for Americans 50 and older has roughly doubled since the 1990’s.

This ideally means that more seniors are single and ready to mingle, but the eligible dating pool actually varies heavily by state.

The best places to find love later in life? Maryland. Hawaii. Connecticut. The worst? Kentucky, Arkansas, West Virginia and Mississippi.

TheSeniorList, a leading online resource for seniors, released a study on The Best States for Finding Love After 50 using the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau on marital status and income.

The rankings were determined based on three factors:

  1. How many 50+ singles exist in each state — including those divorced, widowed or never married
  2. How many of those singles have a median income of at least $50,000, giving them financial means to date. As single people know, dating is expensive and just imagine if your last dinner and a movie was 25 or 50 years ago!
  3. Is the senior single scene trending – up or down?

Tennessee ranked No. 47 with senior singles having 48.2% chance of finding that special someone based on the following three factors:

  1. Percentage of 50+ singles: 12.4%
  2. Percentage with income over $50,000: 49%
  3. Percentage change in singlehood since 2012: remained the same


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