Digg That Nutrition 03

Fitness and ministry rarely intersect in business, but one beautiful blend the two did just that in the form of Digg That Nutrition.

Erica Diggs is a track and field coach at Franklin Road Academy, and her husband, LaJuan, is a local realtor with Benchmark Realty. Their new store aims to counteract the financial challenges of public schools for their athletic programs by not only offering nutritional drinks but also including gym equipment for students throughout the Greater Nashville community.

They infuse Christian values into their community engagement efforts also. This draws on past experience for Erica as a prior regional ambassador for Fellowship of Christian Athletes and for LaJuan as an alumnus of Maplewood High School whose programs were severely lacking in the 1990s when he attended.

Though, the location is said to have closed as of April 2022. You can still follow along with Digg That Nutrition's health insights on its YouTube page– Cedric Dent, Jr.