Anderson in garden

Working the garden gives Rogers Anderson fresh produce and "good exercise that I don’t normally get being mayor of Williamson County."

By day, Williamson County Mayor Rogers Anderson is all about fiscal management, committee meetings and plenty of public appearances.

By day’s end, his focus turns to okra, tomatoes and purple hull peas.

“My day at the office is nonstop from early morning to late afternoon, so coming home and working in my garden is how I balance things,” Anderson said. “Not only do I get delicious produce from this, but it’s also very therapeutic.”

Anderson has been full-on gardening since he planted one in a field across from the Whitehall Farms home he and his late wife bought about 19 years ago. He has watched it grow over time, both in size and in the amount of produce it brings forth.

“Each year that garden gets a little bigger,” Anderson said. “My garden is a product of a lot of experience and age and mistakes and trials that go along with gardening.” – John McBryde