Crockett Park

For the more leisurely stroll through Williamson County's luscious greenery, you might take a Saturday morning and head over to Crockett Park. With trails galore and trees to spare, Crockett makes the longer treks worth it, and you never know which path you'll take that'll lead you to a different corner of Brentwood. 

This past January when it snowed, my wife and I took out dog Cooper out to play in the snow, and let's just say it was the perfect place to let a year-old chocolate lab run around off-leash (shh) in the snowy field. He had the time of his life, and the walk after through the snowy trees and over the icy, babbling creek was the cherry on top of a really nice morning out. 

Now, Crockett is known to get a little crowded at peak hours, but hey, these days, being around people isn't such a bad thing, especially if it's outdoors. If you wanna get your hike on and explore nature's best, head over to Crockett and soak it in. – Cory Woodroof