Owl Creek Park

If you're like me, you're on the go a lot, and it's nice to get some exercise away from your neighborhood. If you're still a bit gym-averse (raises hand) and just enjoy going out for a nice stroll, Brentwood's Owl Creek Park is just the spot. 

It's just a nice little patch of heaven, with a trail that's long enough to make a few laps feel like a good workout and short enough to never lose your car. There's a playground for the kiddos, a nice gazebo for events, a basketball court for the hoopsters, a quaint wooden bridge to make the walk interesting and the Owl Creek, hence the namesake. 

It's very dog-friendly, too, and the perfect place to get the energy out of your favorite canine that keeps you from the monotony of the standard neighborhood jaunt. I love to go there and spend a little while soaking in nature while also burning the calories. – Cory Woodroof