Mayor Jim Hagaman (right) and Atmos Energy Operations Supervisor Steve Steiger (left) speak with affect residents at City Hall.

Spring Hill is known for a number of things; its rural character, small-town feel and (relatively) affordable housing. But as of April of 2021, the city can also claim its mayor, Jim Hagaman, as one of its identifying characteristics.

Running on a platform of changing the city’s trajectory, Hagaman is set to oversee some of the most significant transportation projects in Spring Hill’s history, from the massive I-65 interchange off of Buckner Road, to the widening of U.S. 31 to five lanes.

Perhaps more notable, however, might be Hagaman’s attentiveness toward his community, perhaps best exemplified in November of last year during a gas leak.

After the leak was reported in the afternoon, Hagaman helped spearhead an effort to evacuate more than 15 residents to Spring Hill City Hall. What followed was hours of the residents being cared for with pizza, snacks and movies, with Hagaman thanking the resident who called in the leak, and spending time reassuring families of their safety.

Couple those efforts with community music performances as a means to support the Spring Hill Public Library and The Well Outreach food pantry, and it’s easy to see the city’s latest mayor cares deeply about his community. — Alexander Willis