The Well Outreach Executive Director Shelly Sassen announces one of the winners of the Hog-Calling Contest.

Although Williamson County residents volunteered by the thousands this past year, perhaps no individual has made as much of a difference as Spring Hill’s own Shelly Sassen, executive director of The Well Outreach food pantry.

While Sassen and The Well had helped feed thousands of children and families prior to 2020, the pandemic increased that need exponentially, an increase that has yet to subside. While mass layoffs mostly occurred in early 2020, many of those who lost their jobs remain out of the job market today, making food insecurity among the most vulnerable even more rampant.

And to meet this increased demand, Sassen tirelessly took The Well into overdrive; setting up regular food drives delivering 20,000 pounds of food, increasing its student food assistance program to include 900 children a week and increasing its number of patrons daily. — Alexander Willis