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Former Brentwood Academy star and NFL cornerback Jalen Ramsey found himself in good company recently.

The Jacksonville Jaguars standout was ranked 27th overall by his peers for 2019 in the annual NFL’s Top 100 Players list.

He was 17th on 2018’s ranking, the season where the Jags made it to the AFC Championship.

“What can you say about the guy…he’s different,” Chargers cornerback Desmond King said of his contemporary on the broadcast.

Since being drafted in 2016, Ramsey has nine career interceptions and has cemented himself as one of the league’s premiere corners.

He showed up to training camp last week in an armored truck, a tongue-and-cheek way of hinting his desire for a contract extension to make him the highest-paid player at the position in the NFL.

“I love the way Jalen Ramsey plays,” Seahawks receiver Tyler Lockett said of the corner. “[He should] definitely be in the top 20. To have the confidence he has…it doesn’t matter who lines up against him, who he goes against. He’s not going to change the way he plays for anybody.”

“His physicality…just the way he attacks the ball in the air and the way he beats guys at the line of scrimmage,” Bills corner Tre’Davious White said of what impresses him about Ramsey.

Ramsey has also earned the reputation for being vocal on the field and letting his opponents know when he’s gotten the best of them.

“People might not like how much he talks or whatever, but when you go out there and you back it up, and you just believe in yourself, he just has that confidence in him,” Steelers corner Joe Haden said of the Jags CB.

Ramsey will be suiting up for his fourth season with the Jaguars this fall. His looming contract talk has made him the subject of tepid trade talk, but for now, he’ll be in Duval this fall.

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