For the third time since 2018, Christ Presbyterian Academy has plans for December football. 

The Lions defeated Goodpasture 58-22 Friday night at "the Den" in the semifinals to secure a spot in the D-II AA state title game at Tennessee Tech next month. 

The opponent? Rival Lipscomb Academy took down state title-holder ECS on the road Friday night 56-13 to take the other spot in the big game set for 11 a.m. on Dec. 3. 

CPA held a narrow lead over Goodpasture 17-14 at half, with two touchdown runs from running back Reid Wiliford for 45 yards and quarterback Cade Law for a yard on the scoreboard along with Mac Seibert for 36 yards. 

In the second half, Langston Patterson, a Mr. Football finalist for D-II AA, rushed it in for 21 yards to get the Lions up 23-14, followed not long after by a 54-yard pass from Law to Bo Burklow to get up 30-14 halfway through the third. 

Goodpasture answered back with a Cooper Pennington pass to David Harris for 37 yards to get within eight, but Law rushed it 50 yards for a touchdown. It opened the floodgates, with the Cougars held scoreless for the duration of the game. 

Tyler Reid (39 yards), Will Hays (67 yards) and Easton Dillard (38 yards) all had rushing touchdowns to close the game for CPA to make the state title game. 

The Lions dominated on the ground game. Law finished the game with 105 yards on eight carries and two touchdowns, while Patterson had 100 yards on 17 carries and a score. Law averaged an impressive 13.1 yards a rush Friday. 

The next stop for CPA is indeed against longtime rival Lipscomb Academy. This is the duo's first time meeting in the state game. 

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