As the 2020 football regular season has come and gone, we saw COVID-19 cancellations produce some fascinating football contests. 

Some examples: Brentwood and Brentwood Academy finally got in a long-awaited Battle for Granny White Pike, Brentwood drew state contender Oakland as a last-minute game, Ravenwood brought in IMG Academy to Williamson County for a nationally-televised game and Franklin found Page as a replacement. 

Naturally, this has some folks wondering what possibilities could await for the county in 2021 if these marquee matchups continue. 

Here are our suggestions: 

Ravenwood vs. Brentwood Academy 

Forgive this one for being a little obvious, but we'd all like to see it. 

Ravenwood, a budding pipeline for college football talent based in Brentwood, would face Brentwood Academy, the long-standing pipeline for college football talent based in Brentwood. 

It'd be a blast to see Raptors coach Matt Daniels and Eagles Cody White square off against one another in perhaps an early-season contest. 

That's one you put on television: both teams should have plenty of college-ready talents ready to square off at two of the better venues in the county, complete with no shortage of folks wanting to get in at the gate (let's cross our fingers hard for a much more normal fall 2021 and safe conditions for plenty of fans for all our games). 

It'd be a banner event in any season to have these two teams square off, and would help build a new rivalry. 

Summit vs. Brentwood/Ravenwood 

We're cheating a bit because we know that this one is coming. 

Summit is joining Brentwood, Franklin, Ravenwood, Independence and Centennial in 6A next season, so we know we're going to finally get to see the Wade twins face off against some of the county's heavyweights. 

The Wades finally getting a chance at Brentwood and Ravenwood is just going to be too appealing. We know it's coming, but it's been in the back of our minds on the wishlist. 

Franklin vs. Battle Ground Academy 

The Battle of Franklin has always been between Franklin and Centennial, but why not let the Admirals take on the team down the road?

We fully support the Battle of Mack Hatcher to be a thing: let's have Battle Ground Academy join the list of teams Franklin would play in 2021. 

It'd be so much fun to have Donnie Webb's stingy Admirals defense face off against the typically prolific Wildcats offense. 

Plus, you know the players on both teams all probably know each other some way or another since these schools are less than 5 minutes away from each other. It'd be something if this became a regular game. You'd guarantee a big turnout for certain. 

The fall would be better in WillCo if Franklin and BGA had an annual meeting. 

Independence vs. Lipscomb Academy 

Independence runs one of the smartest offenses in the county: Scott Blade's route tree, pass-focused offense is just so hard to stop, no matter who is under center. 

It'd be fascinating to see him go up against Trent Dilfer and the Lipscomb Academy Mustangs, who have one of the most illustrious coaching staffs in the state. 

Indy always seems to restock quickly thanks to Blade's offense, and the rise of Ty Lockwood as one of the county's best receivers will only heighten matters of why Indy will be must-see TV, so to speak. 

LA is cementing itself as a juggernaut in Dilfer's second year, and we have a feeling folks would want to check this one out for a variety of reasons. 

Here's one game we think would be a display of fireworks and a fascinating chess match between some bright coaches. 

Centennial vs. Page 

After Franklin squared off against Page this season, one wonders how Centennial might fare. 

The Cougars always give teams a good fight, and it'd be something to see a more seasoned version of the 2020 Centennial team face off against the boys from Rudderville. 

The two Franklin-area teams could learn a lot from each other in an early-season contest and could, again, bring folks from both fan bases for a quick trip to either location. 

We need more inter-area games, and this one would not disappoint. 

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