The Pulaski Academy Bruins (2-1) came to town to play the Lipscomb Academy Mustangs (4-0) all the way from Little Rock, Ark.

You may have heard about the Bruins and how they run their offense: no punting, no field goals, only onside kicks. In a game with a ton of offense, the Mustangs found victory through a very efficient offense and defense. The final score after the offensive fireworks was 64-28.

“I loved our preparation, I loved our selflessness,” said Lipscomb Academy coach Trent Dilfer. “We had some guys that are huge contributors for us usually that didn’t play a lot of snaps tonight because of the way Pulaski Academy played. Really proud of our special teams. That’s a team that always gets onside kicks, and we only gave up one. Our fourth down defense in the second half was phenomenal.”

Pulaski Academy jumped out to an early 14-3 lead, running the offense like they normally do thanks to the duo of quarterback Charlie Fiser and Northwestern commit Joseph Himon II.

The Bruins stopped the Mustang offense early in the first quarter, holding them to a field goal taken by Grant Hyatt.

Lipscomb Academy then answered the Bruins quickly with a touchdown from Luther Richesson to Maureice Sherrill Jr., making it 14-9 with under two minutes to go in the first quarter after failing on the two-point attempt.

The second quarter was when the offense really opened up for the Mustangs. The Mustangs went on to outscore the Bruins 27-8.

Nathan Spillman and Alex Broome scored once, while Sherrill Jr. added two more touchdowns to his tally before half giving Lipscomb Academy a 36-22 lead.

The Mustangs also got some help with from the defense as Jordan Jackson intercepted two passes, and Chancellor Lorick intercepted another to give them a short field to work with on offense on multiple occasions.

Pulaski Academy’s touchdown came late in the second quarter to shorten the lead to 14 points.

The second half was more of the same for the Mustang defense.

Elijah Pitts intercepted Pulaski Academy’s Charlie Fiser on the first drive of the second half, setting up another Spillman touchdown.

Broome then went back-to-back on touchdowns on the next two following drives.

Pulaski Academy scored once more in the game thanks to a dime from Fiser in the front corner of the endzone.

Chancellor Lorick intercepted the Bruins again to set up the last score of the night for Sherrill, who finished the evening with four touchdowns.

Dilfer stated that he is for scheduling more out-of-state game like this in the near future.

“We wanna play a regional and a national schedule down the road,” said Dilfer. “It’s a nice first step.”

The Mustangs covered the onside kicks well in the game, only allowing Pulaski Academy to field one.

“Coach [Phil] Dawson did an incredible job,” said Dilfer. “His NFL pedigree really paid off, because he was able to study how they did onside kicks, teach it, and then our ability to practice it.. Our two-sport athletes are the best thing you want, because we have some really good baseball players. To get those fielding a spinning ball, it suited them.”

The Mustangs move onto another district game against Bill Whittemore’s FRA next week in their first game away from home.

“He’s a great coach,” said Dilfer. “Ever since I’ve been here, he’s one of the best coaches I’ve coached against. They’re really complex offensively. I love [running back Jeffery] Vercher. He’s a great kid, and a great player. We’ve gotta take him out of the game, but they can make some plays in the passing game too, so it’s another challenge.”