Two former Nashville-area prep football standouts made headlines on Sunday, but not for reasons either should be proud of.

Following the Los Angeles Rams’ 17-9 win over the New York Giants on Sunday in Los Angeles, former Brentwood Academy and current Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey and ex-Pope John Paul II and current Giants receiver Golden Tate were involved in a postgame altercation that resulted in punches being thrown at midfield.

"I was shaking hands and kind of got in the middle," Rams coach Sean McVay told reporters after the game. "Fortunately, got it broken up and nothing occurred from there."

ESPN’s Jordan Raanan also reported that Ramsey waited outside the Giants’ locker room for Tate after the confrontation. It’s unclear what led to the initial fight, but Rams safety John Johnson told reporters during a video conference following the game that bad blood from their personal lives was the most likely cause (Ramsey ended his relationship with Tate’s sister last year while she was pregnant with their second child).

Giants head coach Joe Judge told reporters on Monday morning that he believed Ramsey threw the first punch. Tate was just defending himself, the coach said, as the two fell to the ground before being separated by their respective teammates.

"I talked to a number of our players, and obviously, we saw some video on [it] and guys that were involved,” Judge said, according to ESPN. “I kind of had an eyewitness standpoint after me and Sean had an exchange at midfield. I turned around, and it was kind of happening right there in front of me. So, I got a quick glimpse of it.

"All I have to say is the account I got from a number of our players — there is a history obviously between them — and there was a punch thrown. Golden was defending himself. I was told he wasn't the one who threw the punch. And everybody involved was trying to break it up.”

The NFL is reportedly investigating the incident but neither player is expected to face disciplinary action from his respective team.

“It didn't sound like there was an immediate need for [discipline for Tate],” Judge said. “But we'll look into it if there is.”

Added McVay: "Any of that stuff, we handle internally. But there's so many things that ended up occurring. I think it's more about, let's understand it, and let's make sure that we learn from this situation.”

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This post originally appeared in our partner publication, the Nashville Post

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