Williamson County prep football just can't catch a break this season.

After torrential downpour and lightning delays haunted the first week of competition, the fallout from Hurricane Laura got in a night earlier than expected and cancelled most all WillCo-set football contests. 

Many of the games for Thursday's slate were supposed to be held Friday night. With the storms expected to be even more severe Friday, bumping most all contests up a day early became a necessity.

But, as it did last week, Mother Nature had other plans and all the schedule shifts wound up being for naught. 

Spatters of rain and consistent lightning started just before kickoff Thursday night, sending most fans and players into the waiting game to see if a later start would be possible. For most games in the area, it wound up not being so.

An early morning Friday start to school likely kept teams from playing as late as they did last week. 

The following games got called off before they started: CPA at Independence, BGA vs. Wilson Central, Ravenwood vs. Blackman, Summit vs. Spring Hill and Page at Siegel. Centennial at Smyrna got postponed for good after stopping play in the first quarter. 

Not all games have a definitive rescheduling, but some have opted to move to Friday or Saturday. 

Summit is moving its game with Spring Hill to Friday night at 7 p.m., but a final decision will be made midday Friday due to that day's set of storms as to if that's a final call. 

Ravenwood will reconvene at home on Saturday at 7 p.m., while Page will move its game with Siegel to friendly confines and play at 9 a.m. Saturday. 

CPA and Independence has not yet rescheduled its game, nor has BGA and Wilson Central. Centennial and Smyrna will reportedly make a decision when to resume theirs in the morning.

Teams like Franklin, Nolensville, Grace Christian Academy and Lipscomb Academy were able to play. 

Brentwood and Brentwood Academy have a game set for Friday night, but that could change as the night's storms could bring even more lightning and rain as Thursday's prohibitive evening for sports. 

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