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The Williamson County school board approved $1.2 million each for three schools in the district to install turf football fields, according to a report from the Tennessean.

Centennial, Fairview and Ravenwood High Schools will be receiving the new turf before the start of the 2021 season -- which could begin sometime near the end of August -- leaving Independence and Summit as the only public schools in the county to still have natural grass fields.

The school board stated all three schools will be using FieldTurf – the company was used previously for the artificial turf fields at Brentwood, Franklin, Nolensville and Page High Schools. 

Natural grass fields cost anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000 annually to maintain due to Irrigation and fertilization expenses, and the switch to artificial turf, which requires a touchup every six to eight weeks, will be less expensive overall for the district in terms of upkeep.

While the football teams are the primary benefactors of the new turf fields, soccer and lacrosse teams as well as marching bands all use the football field during their respective seasons.

Fairview and Ravenwood have both advocated for turf fields for years, stemming from issues with rain-damaged fields. Centennial, which has hosted Tennessee Titans preseason practices for the past few years, has had the luxury of help from the Titans grounds crew to keep the field maintained.

Franklin and Page were the last schools to add turf fields in 2018. Franklin’s project cost $1.6 million and saw the installation of new artificial turf, a new eight-lane track around the field and new bleachers on the visitor’s side.

Page spent $1.5 million on its project, which included the new turf field, a new rubberized track, and a new fence around the track.

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