The TSSAA has officially shaped what the future classifications will look like in the county for its sports teams for 2021-22 and 2022-23. 

The organization met on Thursday at Siegel High School to finalize the plans laid out last week for how classifications will change over the next two seasons. 

Some big changes are coming, particularly in the county's biggest sports. 

“I think our schools have been looking at it for quite some time, looking at reclassification, and it is the biggest thing that we're responsible for and that we do, is we try always to create a level playing field as much as possible,” TSSAA Exec. Director Childress said in a release last week ahead of Thursday's meeting about getting to the day's reclassification vote. 

“There are huge gaps in enrollments in our schools. Maybe when you go from AA to AAA, just those gaps in enrollments were something that schools wanted to try to get a little bit closer together if we possibly could.

“When we went to four classes, it didn't change as much as we thought. It closed the gaps some but not near as much as what some schools would like to see. But what this does, it gives more schools a chance to compete in the regular season and advance in the postseason.”

A new class was added to track and field, too, per TSSAA. 

Let's take a look at the new classifications. 



In football, one of the biggest pieces of news is that the county's most competitive region is about to shift and add a major program to its ranks. 

Region 6-6A, consisting of Brentwood, Franklin, Ravenwood, Independence and Centennial, will be shifted to a new label, "Region 7-6A." 

It will lose Dickson County as an opponent, which will stay in 6-6A, and add Summit High School, a powerhouse in 5A in part thanks to the Wade twins, Destin and Keaten, and head coach Brian Coleman, who has built a 5A contender in Spring Hill. 

7-7A will become Williamson County only now, making the region slate much harder to climb with everyone in 6-6A now guaranteed a game against Summit. 


In 5A, Page will stay and see 4A teams Nolensville and Spring Hill join their ranks. 

The Patriots are in rebuilding mode this year, and they'll gain yearly contests with the Knights and Raiders in the newly-formed 6-5A. 

Nolensville has ascended quickly in prominence since its start in 2016, earning a semifinals appearance last year in 4A. They made the playoffs this year, but will face a tougher task a conference up. 

As for Spring Hill moving up to 5A, it'll be tough sledding, but the team did make the playoffs this season in 4A competition. 

They'll face Columbia Central, Franklin Co. and Lincoln Co. in the new region. 

Williamson County will no longer have a team in 4A under this tentative plan. 

However, in 3A, Fairview will stick with some of its usual suspects in Region 6-3A (the full list of opponents: Cheatham Co., Stewart Co., Sycamore, Waverly Central, White House Heritage, White House). 


No major changes await WillCo D-II schools for the next two seasons. 

D-II AAA's West Region will still host Brentwood Academy (along with Briarcrest, Christian Brothers, Ensworth, MUS and St. Benedict), while Father Ryan will be in the East Region (Baylor, Knox Catholic, McCallie, MBA, PJPII are its opponents). 

D-II AA's Middle Region will stay static, with BGA, CPA, Lipscomb Academy and FRA all sticking there with Goodpasture and new addition Davidson Academy. 

In D-II A's Middle Region, Grace Christian Academy will stay along with Clarksville Academy, Columbia Academy, Donelson Christian Academy, Mt. Juliet Christian Academy and Nashville Christian School. 


Class AAAA 

A new class of both girls and boys basketball, baseball and softball is coming with Class AAAA, with some of the county's top teams shifting that direction. 

Brentwood, Franklin, Centennial, Ravenwood, Independence, Nolensville (moving up two classes), Ravenwood and Summit will all compose Region 6 and will be split up into two districts, 11 and 12. 

Brentwood, Franklin and Centennial will be part of District 11, with Hillsboro and Overton part of that grouping. 

Indy, Nolensville, Ravenwood and Summit will be part of District 12, with Columbia Central joining the fold. 

These two districts will meet in the region tournament. Unlike the classifications as they are now, these districts are much smaller with the allocation of a new class. 

The WillCo teams above will lose district and region contests against Page, Spring Hill and Dickson Co., who will all stay in Class AAA. 

Class AAA 

Page and Spring Hill will be staying in Class AAA under the new classification guidelines, part of Region 4, District 8, with teams like Lawrence Co., Lincoln Co., Marshall Co. and Tullahoma. 

Class AA 

Fairview will be in Region 5, District 9, with teams like Cheatham Co., Harpeth, Sycamore and White House Heritage. 


D-II A will largely remain the same, with one major exception. 

In D-II A's Middle Region's District 3, teams like Battle Ground Academy, Franklin Road Academy and Grace Christian Academy will still compete, with Christ Presbyterian moving up to D-II AA for the first time. 

Teams like Columbia Academy, Ezell-Harding, MTCS, Providence Christian, Webb School and Zion Christian also comprise the Middle Region. 


Indeed, CPA will be joining some of the state's toughest competition in D-II AA in this new classification cycle in the Middle Region. 

Brentwood Academy, Lipscomb Academy and Father Ryan will also be part of the Middle Region with Ensworth, Harpeth Hall (girls), MBA (boys), Pope John Paul II and St. Cecilia (girls). 


Class AAA

Some of our local soccer teams won't see too much change, with Class AAA, Region 6 staying largely the same. 

The districts will be split up between District 11 (Brentwood, Ravenwood, Centennial, Franklin) and District 12 (Independence, Summit, new addition Nolensville, new addition Columbia Central). 

Class AA 

Page, Spring Hill and Fairview will be the teams from WillCo from Class AA. 

In Region 6-11, Page and Spring Hill will find a home, and in Region 6-12, Fairview will compete. 


In Middle Region, District 3, BGA, GCA and FRA will find a home in a similar region to that for basketball. 


CPA will also make the jump in girls soccer, with BA, Father Ryan and Lipscomb Academy also in that Middle Region assembly. 


Class AAA 

In the class that Brentwood has dominated for the last eight years, the Lady Bruins will highlight Region 6, District 11, with WillCo teams like Centennial, Franklin, Ravenwood and new addition Nolensville, who has won two-straight Class AA titles. 

Region 6, District 12 boasts Independence, Page, Spring Hill, Summit and Columbia Central. 

Class AA

Fairview will be in Region 6, District 12, with Cheatham Co., Creek Wood, Montgomery Central and Sycamore. 


The Middle Region will once again have BGA, GCA and FRA, along CA, MTCS, PCA, Webb School, Ezell-Harding and Zion Christian. 


Brentwood Academy, CPA, Father Ryan and Lipscomb Academy will hold in the Middle Region with Ensworth, Harpeth Hall, PJPII and St. Cecilia Academy. 

For more sports' classifications, check out the TSSAA portal.

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