Well, we're almost to Cookeville! 

The 2020 Williamson County football season has gone by in a flash, with plenty of bumps in the road thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

It hasn't been completely easy, at times fairly hard and deeply frustrating, for our athletes, but we've had a full regular season's worth of evaluations for our 2020 WillCo Football Player of the Year. 

Our winner and full list of All-WillCo players will be determined on Monday, Dec. 7, right here on the Home Page. 

Until then, here are our 12 nominees for 2020 WillCo Football Player of the Year.

Destin Wade, QB, Summit 

Jaxson Campbell, QB, Independence

Cade Granzow, QB, Brentwood 

Connor Beavon, QB, Franklin 

D.C. Tabscott, QB, Father Ryan 

Blake Barton, RB, Grace Christian Academy 

Langston Patterson, RB/LB, Christ Presbyterian Academy 

Samson Johnson, RB, Nolensville 

Josh Forsee, RB, Centennial 

Alex Broome, RB, Lipscomb Academy 

Jake Briningstool, TE, Ravenwood 

Amir Annoor, WR/CB, Brentwood Academy 

Congratulations to all the nominees; we'll see you on Dec. 7 to announce the winners and all the All-WillCo honorees! 

Note: only one player per area team is chosen. Also, all players nominated here will be recognized as All-WillCo on the HPMG's selection list. 

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