It's finally time for us to share our picks for the 2020 All-WillCo Football Team. 

Trying to pick players this year is even tougher than in most years. COVID made the season harder to get through and even harder to evaluate at times, but we still like the roster we've got and feel it's a good representation of the talent that's in our county. 

Please note our list is certainly imperfect, as all lists are this time of year, and won't include every good WillCo player at the positions listed. Not seeing your name here does not mean you didn't have a great season on the gridiron, or that you aren't deserving. Lists are just lists; the memories you make on the field and the accomplishments that showcase your hard work are what you'll remember as the years go on. 

With that being said, here are our picks for the Williamson Home Page's 2020 All-WillCo team. 


  • Destin Wade, Summit
  • Jaxson Campbell, Independence 
  • Cade Granzow, Brentwood 
  • Connor Beavon, Franklin
  • D.C. Tabscott, Father Ryan
  • Cade Law, Christ Presbyterian Academy 
  • Tayler Montiel, Brentwood Academy 
  • Ryder Galardi, Nolensville 


  • Langston Patterson, Christ Presbyterian Academy 
  • Samson Johnson, Nolensville
  • Blake Barton, Grace Christian Academy 
  • Alex Broome, Lipscomb Academy 
  • Josh Forsee, Centennial
  • Sean Williams, Battle Ground Academy 
  • Bryce Sparks, Franklin 
  • Logan Nardozzi, Fairview 


  • WR Walker Merrill, Brentwood
  • WR Aaron Walton, Brentwood
  • WR Amir Annoor, Brentwood Academy 
  • WR Brady Pierce, Summit 
  • WR Taylor Spierto, Franklin
  • WR Carson Repass, Franklin 
  • WR Chance Fitzgerald, Nolensville 
  • TE Jake Briningstool, Ravenwood
  • TE Ty Lockwood, Independence


  • Fisher Anderson, Franklin
  • Jason Amsler, Franklin
  • Sam Koch, Summit
  • Eli Sutton, Brentwood Academy
  • Noah Josey, Brentwood Academy


  • Grant Reeder, Nolensville
  • Philip Husband, Brentwood Academy
  • James Stewart, Brentwood Academy
  • Colin Stewart, Christ Presbyterian Academy
  • Parker Peterson, Father Ryan 


  • Caleb Jolley, Summit
  • Gavin Wells, Summit 
  • Langston Patterson, Christ Presbyterian Academy
  • Junior Colson, Ravenwood
  • Spencer Rich, Brentwood 
  • Eli Miller, Lipscomb Academy 
  • Elijah Oatsvall, Brentwood Academy 


  • Ben Severance, Ravenwood 
  • Myles Pollard, Ravenwood
  • John Howse IV, Brentwood 
  • Brady Pierce, Summit 
  • Amir Annoor, Brentwood Academy 
  • River Katina, Independence 
  • Jaden Lyles, Lipscomb Academy 
  • Reid Williford, Christ Presbyterian Academy 


  • K Teagan Lenderink, Brentwood Academy
  • K Carter Potts, Centennial 
  • P Cooper Allan, Independence 
  • P Nick Beattie, Nolensville 

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