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TIE: Maryland Farms YMCA/The Crag

Maryland Farms YMCA

I’ll admit, I mainly go to the Maryland Farms YMCA to use the sauna, steam room and hot tub. Plenty of YMCAs have a hot tub, but the fanciness of the Maryland Farms locker room makes me feel like a CEO. I usually swim a lap or two before calling it quits, just enough to make me feel like I did some work. But then it’s on to the main event. This is an insider's guide to Maryland Farms YMCA locker room CEO experience. Start off in the jacuzzi. Pro tip: In the men’s locker room, the most powerful jet is all the way on the right. When the water starts feeling cool, move to the sauna. Don’t talk to anyone. That’s weird. Instead, bring a magazine. For me, the epitome of luxury is reading The New Yorker while I cook myself like a Thanksgiving turkey. Finish the CEO experience with an ice cold shower, a shock to the system that leaves you ready for a board meeting or a hostile takeover. MATT BLOIS

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