AMC's Dolby Cinema at the Thoroughbred 20

The pandemic has made moviegoing harder than ever, with even diehard film fans stuck on their couches to watch whatever the week's new releases will be. When it finally gets safe to go back with your friends to catch the newest blockbuster, you must check out the AMC Thoroughbred 20's Dolby Cinema. The state-of-the-art movie theater is the only one of its kind in Middle Tennessee, complete with perhaps the clearest image you can find in a theater and the best sound mix possible. A direct competitor to IMAX, Dolby Cinema is one of the best ways to watch a movie on the big screen. Plus, Bradley Cooper himself stopped by that particular theater back in 2018 to discuss his film A Star is Born. For having opened in 2018, that theater is already building quite a history. For the best moviegoing experience in middle Tennessee, check out Cool Springs' Dolby Cinema. You won't be disappointed. CORY WOODROOF