Backlight Productions

Backlight Productions is a theater company that gives people with disabilities the chance to perform on stage, often in roles they’ve always dreamed of playing. The company produces full shows, ambitious productions that are similar to what you’d see at a professional theater company. Often, Backlight uses multiple actors to play a single character, which allows actors to take on a challenge that’s just right for them. The final product is incredibly moving. Sometimes, actors struggle to remember their lines on stage. In those pauses the theater is dead quiet, but the entire audience is rooting for them. When they finally get that line out, it feels like watching the quarterback from your favorite football team throw a hail mary pass in the waning second of the fourth quarter to win the game. "In those kinds of moments, it doesn't matter if things are done perfectly," Executive Director Melissa Smith said. "It matters that you got on stage. There's nothing like a crowd that's there to cheer and support that they accomplished something that was really hard for them." MATT BLOIS